Door Seal - adhesive strip, clear color, silicone rubber - can be used with all types of doors (2 sizes)



All types of doors - clear color, smooth with the door. Elegant design, easy to install, firmly attached, no falling off.


Width 90 cm. (typical) Width 100 cm.

Brand : SmileArm


  • Design patents in 39 countries of the world (By Smilearm)
  • Product certificate
  • OTOP 5 stars (2010) & OTOP 3 stars (2009)
  • Inventor Billion Award (# Stop filling, stop leaking)


All types of doors - clear color, smooth with the door. Elegant design, easy to install, firmly attached, no falling off.


How to buy by size

  • Door width = width of the door leaf The standard is about 80-90 cm wide



  • Good quality plastic, durable, not easily broken, able to withstand heat and water
  • Soft silicone rubber, not sticky, heat resistant, can be hit by water
  • Waterproof adhesive strips stick outside the house, sticky glue x10


Why do I have to install a barrier device?

  • Prevent the air from leaking out Help save electricity bills
  • Prevent insects and crawling animals into the home
  • Reduces outside noise And prevent internal sounds from escaping
  • Prevent dust from blowing into the house outside.
  • Prevents unpleasant odors, cigarette smells, exhaust pipe smells
  • Prevent people outside to look under.


Can be used with any kind of door

Can be used with all types of doors such as sliding doors, sliding doors, push-doors, shock-mounted doors or doors-windows. Other types can also be used.

  • Unlimited door thickness Can be installed all
  • Can be used with a door that has a gap of 0.50 - 2.0 cm.


Advantages of the silicone rubber strip, clear color

  • Easy 3-step installation
  • Waterproof, rainproof, sun resistant, can be installed outside the house.
  • Cheap price, great value, durable for over 1 year +
  • Works well even when the floor is uneven and undulating.
  • Clear color, smooth to the door Elegant design


Method of use

  1. To cut according to the door size
  2. Peel off the masking tape
  3. Attached to the bottom edge of the door



  • A barrier device should be installed to level enough to the floor. Not too close to the ground


Maintenance and cleaning

  • If the silicone rubber part is torn This can be done by hot gluing along the junction of plastic and silicone.
  • Use a damp cloth to gently clean the pad.
Products are protected by patent.
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If anyone violates, will be prosecuted according to the highest law.

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