All in Garden set - Aluminum handle 3 meters + head device body-wrapped-rolled



Complete set, garden equipment, cut-wrap-roll, with a 3 meter extension, set up a special discount!

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Brand : SmileArm


4 in 1 set, complete set, garden work

  • Aluminum handle, press lock model 3 m.
  • Branch scissors head
  • Takraw head
  • Fruit wrapper

A set that should have at home Easy to disassemble and assemble the device head Aluminum handle is lightweight. Can be used for a long time

The 3 heads are designed to be easy to use. Through inspection and improvement Until getting a design and function that is practical and durable

All products are designed and manufactured by Smile Commercial Company Limited and are protected by the 36 International Patent Act.

* If you buy this set Customers can choose to purchase our other equipment heads. That is not inside the set To be assembled with an aluminum handle


  • Heat-resistant ABS plastic, not easily broken.
  • Aluminum alloy tubes, light weight, strong, can bear pressure very well.
  • Safety lock mechanism, tightly locked, no flow

The handle is 3 meters long, suitable for what height?

Suitable for use at high altitudes and strength requirements: hotels, showrooms, factories, outdoor applications.

  • Suitable for use at very heights. And need extra strength
  • The handle is very lightweight. Can be used for a long time
  • Suitable for work outside the home, such as tree shears. Fruit Takraw Head

Method of use

  1. Use the universal handle to attach to the desired device head.
  2. Unlock the yellow lock. And move the inner handle to the desired height
  3. Press the yellow lock body lock, keep the height stable, ready to use.



Maintenance and cleaning

  • The multi-purpose handle should be stored in a dry place and should not be exposed to sunlight.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe clean.
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